Service Terms & Conditions

  • The Shoe Laundry® is primarily a laundry service for footwear.

  • The results will vary depending on the shoes and its initial condition.

  • We do not accept shoes just for repairs. We don’t do repairs of dirty shoes.

  • Shoes will be cleaned thoroughly before any repairs are under taken.

  • We are not liable for any damage that may occur during the normal washing of the shoes. No effort is spared to avoid the same.

  • Repairs, replacements of parts & components, restorations & enhancements are chargeable & not included in the cost of cleaning.

  • We are not liable for any problems that may arise due to inherent problem & inadequacies in the materials used in shoes.

  • Shoes if not used for long are prone to top coat flake, material cracking & crumbling.

  • Midsoles & outsoles may crumble if left unused for long. These become visible only after washing process has begun.

  • Cracking, flaking and chapping of the uppers material is a normal sign of wear and tear from daily use.

  • We are not responsible for color run-offs or color fading since we do not use bleach and harsh chemicals in our process.

  • Slight variation & fading in color of suede leathers, denim & canvas is normal.

  • Exorbitantly expensive and exotic footwear will not be accepted unless we have been indemnified of any liability.

  • It is normal for repairs to come up during the cleaning process. The same may not have been detected during pick-up. For example if the outsole of a shoe starts to peel during washing we will do the needful to repair the same. These will be chargeable.

  • We have the right to refuse any shoes that we feel is beyond the scope of repairs.

  • On closer examination at the workshop we may choose not to process a pair of shoes that has already been collected for laundry.

  • No cleaning or service charges will be levied for a shoes returned unprocessed or partially processed. Courier charges will be charged as per actual.

  • Repairs will be charged are per actual. This is not included in the cleaning charges.

  • Some types of stains, chemical dyes and paints may be permanent in nature and we try our best to remove them but they may not come off completely.

  • The rates and charges cannot be altered by the delivery person or any person other than the proprietor / owner of the unit servicing you.

  • Incase of loss or damage of shoes during transportation, the 50% of cost of the lost article will be reimbursed.

  • We try to deliver the shoes within the promised time but there could be delays due to reasons that are not in our control.

  • No harsh chemicals or agents of any sort are used in our cleaning process.

  • All payments made digitally are to be made exclusively to ShoeVival Shoelaundry Pvt. Ltd.

  • Any service availed without chalan & receipt is not allowed under the franchise agreement & the company (Shoevival Shoelaundry Pvt. Ltd.) will not be liable for any eventuality.

ShoeVival Shoelaundry Pvt. Ltd.