"You Put Your Feet In Your Shoes...

We Put Our Hearts Into Them"

Sandeep Gajakas - Founder

The Shoe Laundry®

First Professional Footwear Laundry Since 2003



Repairs & Refurbishing Services

Perfect Cleaning Meets Perfect Repair & Maintenance

A revolutionary & proprietary 15 Stages, 120+ steps process for in-depth cleaning & perfect repairs for your precious & beloved shoes.

Over 26 years of continuous efforts we have developed a 15 Stage & 120+ steps in-depth, detailed washing & repair process for all types of shoes & materials including leather, suede & nubuck. Every single component & area of the shoes is cleaned thoroughly. Every surface, visible or out of sight is cleaned down to every single stitch & weave of the material.

No More Wearing Dirty, Stained Shoes Again!

We Are "The Shoe Laundry Near Me"

The Shoe Laundry® is the world's first, the pioneer professional footwear laundry & refurbishing service\company & recognized worldwide as one of the most innovative & out of the box business ideas!

Founded singlehandedly by Mr. Sandeep Gajakas, in 2003, we have given shoe cleaning, shoe care, repair & footwear hygiene a completely new meaning with our proprietary, in-depth & extensive cleaning & repair system that delivers unbelievable results. Along with ShoeVival®, our premium repair services brand / division, we have set the benchmark for the highest standard of hygiene, repairs & convenience.

The Shoe Laundry® has impacted how our customers buy & maintain their shoes.

Our customers buy more shoes. The buy better quality, more expensive shoes for themselves & their loved ones cause they know we are there to take care of the

Its the confidence & knowledge that their investment will be looked after & will last longer is what drives their purchasing decision, rather than the usual fear of shoes getting spoilt in just a few months.

Mission, Vision & Values


To provide a world class professional footwear laundry & refurbishing service, of the highest quality & highest level of convenience to everyone, everywhere.

To have a positive impact on the environment through developing a culture of socially & environmentally responsible footwear ownership.


To make footwear hygiene and shoe care a part of every individual's lifestyle by making The Shoe Laundry® & ShoeVival® services available to everyone everywhere & have a positive environmental impact.

Values & Belief

Taking care of the shoes to take care of our customers!

  1. The shoes are extremely important but the customer is more important.

  2. Exceed the customers expectations. Always.

  3. Commitment to excellent service & highest level of convenience.

  4. Maintain & deliver highest quality of service & guarantee customer satisfaction.

  5. Deliver value for money. Make customers for life.

  6. Clean & repair shoes in an environmentally friendly way.